Inobei is the creator of GESS, the software development arm of Tri.ph and Netplay, Inc., focusing in arming the Hospitality Industry with the most Intuitive, Efficient and Comprehensive system.

Inobei provides the Guest Experience Software System, a Service Analytics Solution with Multi-property staff access that includes tracking of Guest Requests, Guest Complaints, Feedback, Findings, Follow-ups, and Guest Survey by sending of Email Notification, Aggregating and Summarizing Raw Data, including a Multi-Dimensional Reporting Tool for Local and Regional Properties.



The Hospitality Industry is a guest centric business, meaning your business revolves around your guests and sometimes it is being dictated by their needs and demands.
Hoteliers do their very best to deliver an exceptional service that would not only bring satisfaction but as well as loyal guests.
Our company is here to equip Hoteliers with a system to monitor their service and provide them a comprehensive data that gives value for their future development and improvement. We strongly believe that GESS (Guest Experience Software System) is highly significant in increasing guests’ satisfaction thereby driving revenue to your hotel.
GESS is a software solution (cloud-based or on-premise) that empowers hoteliers to monitor, measure, analyse and evaluate your service operations which will enable them to achieve their ultimate goal of providing their guest the highest quality of service and guest retention.