You own your data

Inobei Inc, is an IT enabled company providing services & solution for the Hospitality Industry. GESS is the name of the software owned by Inobei.

GESS is a Web and Mobile based of Guest Experience Software System designed especially for small to large size hotels. GESS is a solution that proposed to be a SAAS / custom service covering most of the operational tasks including guest incidents, rapid response (job dispatch), housekeeping transactions, engineering, HPS, customer feedback management and etc.

GESS will only store information that is entered by the Users of an Organization, or automatically imported at a User’s instruction. The data entered, or imported on instruction, by the Users of an Organization remains the property of the Organization and GESS will not use nor make available for use any of this information without permission of the Organization.


You control who has access to your data

The data entered, or imported on instruction, by the Users of an Organization is stored securely in a database and is only accessible to the approved Users of the Organization. The Administrator of the Organization (Administrator) will have full control over who is invited to be a User. A user name and password is required in order to access an Organization’s information in GESS.

It is the User’s responsibility to keep their passwords safe. It is the Administrator’s responsibility to ensure that any Users that are invited to use the Organization’s account have permission to view the Organization’s information stored in the GESS account.

Inobei,Inobei’s staff and Inobei’s partners do not have access to the User’s passwords and are therefore unable to access the Organization’s account or data without receiving an invitation from the Administrator.


How Information is used

We use the information we gather on the web site for the purposes of:

  • providing our services,
  • responding to any queries you may have,
  • operating and improving our services,
  • fostering a positive user experience, and
  • delivering the products and services that we offer to hoteliers.


Your responsibility as a customer

Within the scope of the agreement and in its use of the services, controller shall be solely responsible for complying with the statutory requirements relating to data protection and privacy, in particular regarding to the disclosure and transfer of personal data to the processor and the processing of personal data.

Controller is obliged to inform the processor without undue delay and comprehensively about any errors or irregularities related to statutory provisions on the processing of personal data.


INOBEI responsibility

The parties acknowledge and agree that customer is the controller of personal data and Inobei is the processor of that data. Processor shall collect, process and use personal data only within the scope of the controller’s Instructions. And you as the customer of Inobei will be the controller of your data.

If the processor believes that an Instruction of the controller does not comply with the Data Protection Law, it shall immediately inform the controller without delay. If processor cannot process personal data in accordance with the instructions due to a legal requirement under any applicable European Union or Member State law, processor will promptly notify the controller of that legal requirement before the relevant processing to the extent permitted by the Data Protection Law.

If at any time you as a controller wish to opt out of any disclosures of your information to third parties or to prevent the use of your personal information for a purpose that is materially different from the purpose for which it was originally collected, you may log into your account and make necessary changes. The use of your information can be limited, or the information can be corrected, deleted, or exported to you or a third-party of your choice, as prescribed by the law indicated above.


Your data is sent securely across the internet

Inobei Servers have issued security certificates so all data transferred between the Users of an Organization and the Inobei Servers is encrypted. However, the internet is not in itself a secure environment. Users should only enter, or instruct the importation of, data to the database within a secure environment. This means that the User’s browser must support the encryption security used in connection with the HMS Servers.


INOBEI will give you access to your data at any time

On request, Inobei will provide the Administrator with a full export of the Organization’s data in a common file format determined by GESS. The Organization’s data may be permanently deleted by Inobei 90 days after the Organization stops paying to use GESS, or at the Administrator’s request.


Breach management

In the event of a system breach which leads to data theft, you may have an obligation to inform a supervisory authority, or to inform the data subjects involved.

Inobei will notify you within 72 hours in the unlikely event that there is a breach of the cloud storage and will assist you in determining your notification obligations.


Changes to Privacy Statement

Inobei reserves the right to changes the privacy policy at any time by posting the revised privacy policy on the website. The revised privacy policy will be effective immediately upon posting on the website. We recommend you check this Privacy Policy frequently to stay abreast of any changes.